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Umbrella Training Course

by bob.jones on April 27th, 2010

Umbrellas and Expenses – (half day on site  – Advanced Workshop)

This interactive and comprehensive course is aimed both new and existing umbrella companies. The course is tailored to suit your company operations and hence does require some upfront work. It covers all the key elements of current UK legislation. It has been conceived and is delivered by an ex HMRC Inspector of Taxes (with 39 years service) who, for a number of years, was an internal HMRC staff tutor and, in addition, has specialised in expenses gaining an unrivalled knowledge of the subject. Remember – failure to comply with the HMRC regulations can result in penalties so this course could pay for itself in the first year. 

You may not feel that training is number one priority but you must not remain complacent. If your procedures are inadequate then HMRC will have a field day when they come to call in which case my conducting an “HMRC Inspection” may be the preferred option.  See the link above for Expense Audits. Read Full Course Details.

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